Are you looking for new ways to grow your business, innovate your business model, or instill an entrepreneurial mindset in your organization?

Marc partners with your organization to make growth through strategic innovation, corporate entrepreneurship and transformation happen.


Merging expertise on strategy, innovation and business models, with insights on execution and organizational transformation, Marc provides inspiration, ideas and direction, and facilitates co-creation processes for making strategic innovation, growth, transformation and corporate entrepreneurship happen, all while enabling your team.



Crafting Growth & Innovation Strategies • Developing Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation Capabilities • Designing, Building and Launching New Businesses

  • Developing and implementing new growth strategies
  • Discovering opportunities for new growth
  • Business Model Innovation
  • Strategic Growth Design
  • New Venture Design
  • Designing and facilitating strategic innovation processes
  • Launching new growth ventures

Working Formats

  • Advisory
  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • As a process facilitator,
  • Thought partner, or
  • Sounding board
  • In 1:1 sessions, or
  • With teams, and
  • Organizations
  • With you, and
  • Global partners

Does your team need a little help to get started?

Let Marc train you.

Marc designs and delivers custom workshops, masterclasses and training programs targeted at your needs and audience to make strategic innovation, business model innovation and organizational transformation for new growth an organizational capability. 

Learn, practice and master the core concepts, tools, processes and capabilities for making strategic innovation, corporate entrepreneurship and growth happen.


Training Topics Include

The Art of Opportunity

  • Discovering opportunities for innovation and new growth
  • Designing innovative strategies, business models and revenue models
  • Launching new growth ventures from within your organization

Business Model Innovation

  • Understanding Business Model Innovation
  • Finding opportunities for Business Model Innovation
  • Designing and implementing new business models

Corporate Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

  • Creating an entrepreneurial corporate culture
  • Thinking like an entrepreneur
  • Acting like an entrepreneur
  • Creating new growth and competitive advantage

Session Formats

  • Multi-day Training Workshops
  • Action Learning Programs
  • Webinars
  • 1/2 day Executive Sessions