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Traditional, old school strategy is dead! I've developed a pragmatic approach that gets you started quickly with your new strategy, no matter where your business is and what you're looking to achieve. 

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Who is this for?

  • Owners and managing directors of small, medium, and family-owned businesses
  • Leaders of stand-alones, divisions, business units, country organizations and subsidiaries within larger groups
  • The size of organization typically ranges from 100 to 4000 employees, making anywhere from 10 million to 1 billion in revenue

You are looking for:

  • A better strategy, better performance, more impact, a focused and clear direction in your business.
  • Clarity and confidence in your strategic leadership, even in times of uncertainty.
  • An actionable strategy that actually does get implemented.
You need to:
  • Create a new strategy or review and reboot an existing one.

  • Focus and commit your team to a common direction.

  • Align your organization on what matters to really move the needle.

You’re committed to your business and the importance of a good strategy, and you understand the great benefit of having an advisor and mentor by your side.  

What do you get?

Advisory and mentorship tailored to your specific situation, organization, and needs.

  • Guidance and step-by-step support to design and execute your business strategy.

  • Direct 1-on-1 access to me during private live sessions, via email, and text messages. Whenever you have a question, I’m here to help.

  • Support across all stages and elements of strategy from design to execution, review, and updates.

  • I’m your thought partner and I challenge you to improve the quality of your strategy.

  • Inspiration, insights, and expertise from more than 20 years of experience working with leaders and entrepreneurs just like you from various industries and companies of all sizes across the globe.

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How does it work?

Together we‘ll work through all the stages of designing and executing a better strategy for your organization.

No more guessing what methodology to follow or what tool to use. Instead, you'll have a clear path to follow, guaranteed to produce results quickly.

Sessions are 1-on-1 or with your executive team, online or onsite.

  • Understand What's Going On

    • Assess your current strategy
    • Define your most-pressing issues
    • Discover your highest-value opportunities
    • Develop sound options
    • Put innovation back into strategy
    • Test and choose the most viable option
    • Build your strategy management system
    • Move your organization towards the new strategy
    • Track progress, manage results, and update your strategy
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What does it cost?

I don't charge hourly or daily fees.

Instead, we agree on how we'll work together and you pay a fixed fee, which includes everything. No surprises, no guessing.

My guarantee: I'll stay with you until you have a winning strategy. If that requires more iterations than originally planned, that's on me.

The fee is determined by how we work together: 1:1, or with your team, online or onsite.

    • We work 1:1
    • Bi-weekly meetings
    • Online
    • A series of facilitated meetings with your team
    • Best for smaller teams up to 6 people
    • Online
    • A series of facilitated 2-day workshops
    • Best for larger teams
    • Onsite
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Depending on where you are with your strategy, we‘ll go through the entire process, or we'll dive deeper into the stages that are most relevant to you. For example, we can focus on the following:

  • Assessing your current strategy
  • Making sense of what‘s happening inside and outside your organization
  • Developing better strategy options for new growth, renewal, transformation, entering new markets, launching new offerings, reviewing your product portfolio, better performance, …
  • Finding and seizing opportunities for new growth and new businesses
  • Putting innovation into your strategy so you can truly differentiate and build a competitive advantage
  • Testing and validating options so you can make better choices
  • Activating your new or existing strategy throughout your organization
  • Reviewing results you‘re getting and updating your strategy as needed